Black Gold for P Bass

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Looks and sounds as good as gold. Vintage plain enamel wire meets bold 1/4″ alnico 5 magnets. A little brighter than our famous Model F1 pickups.



Looks and sounds as good as gold. Vintage plain enamel wire meets bold 1/4″ alnico 5 magnets. A little brighter than our famous Model F1 pickups.

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Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

8 reviews for Black Gold for P Bass

  1. James Carrigan

    An awesome pickup. I’ve been making bass guitars for fifteen years now and I’m always looking to try out new pickups. I gave this one a chance and I’m glad I did. It’s now my favorite P bass pickup.

  2. Andrew Boynton

    Awesome build quality, perfect tone for my build,
    liked the unique look of the larger pole pieces and cream covers.

  3. JT Eckhoff

    Excellent pickup, great tones and handmade by very a knowledgeable person. Highly recommend!

  4. zerohexer (verified owner)

    Arrived after 3 months,Best Bass pickup ever super amazing slap tone so good insanely good.
    Best bass pickup i ever came.

  5. Honk honkler (verified owner)

    Just …just get these. You won’t be disappointed, they’re about as close to a perfect P pickup as you’ll ever get, for an unbeatable price

  6. BassFrehley (verified owner)

    I was impressed with a J bass pickup I purchased on here so I decided to try one of these. As soon as I received it I installed it in my Squier P bass. Excellent tone! Great pickup at a great price! I just ordered another one for my 2nd P bass.

  7. Michael Smith (verified owner)

    Got these today and my old danoelectro rebuild couldn’t sound better! I have been using SPB3’s for years in my MIA P-bass and Fernandes P and decided I wanted something different this time. These sound wonderful to my ears and they feel special you can see that these are hand made and don’t seem to be stamped out on a production line also the wiring (solder joints) are way better than the big brands! Thank you so much for making such a killer pickup at reasonable pricing I will be back for any future needs.

  8. bradalanself (verified owner)

    The vintage enameled wire coaxes out the highs so you get all the late 50’s and 60’s rasp and raggedness with really clear bell-tone lows. Change your tone capacitor to .1 uf and your volume pot to 500k (try the DiMarzio EP1201.) The Black Gold will totally illustrate the difference between rosewood and maple fretboards and body woods too, especially big contrasts like alder vs. poplar or pine. Sensitive to touch like no stock Squier pickup ever, so you can pull out lots of roundwounds-on-jumbo-frets growl and bite, & makes perfecting your palm muted pick tone a super fun thing. If you’re frustrated trying to get classic tones out of CNC factory wound pickups get one of these, a set of Thomastik Jazz flatwounds, keep a mute in reach, plug into a single 15″ driver low watt tube combo and start working on your 60’s tick-tock tone! If you’re a DAW monster all you’ll need in front is a compressor and a clean boost or a jfet preamp pedal. You’ll also want to check out the low settings on your overdrive and disto pedals, it’s like a whole new world… In a fair fight with the Bare Knuckle ’58 it’s a draw, and half as much $. Makes the Fralin, Lollar and most of the other super fancy handwound pickups sound like modern mayonnaise. Keeps the vintage edge over the amazing Bill Lawrence P-46. Crazy good match with the Kent Armstrong Hot Lips for PJ lovers. Thanks Reech!

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