Will these pickups fit my instrument?

4-String Jazz Bass

Jazz bass pickups come primarily in two sizes: 92 mm and 95 mm. The 92 mm size is typically used as a neck pickup while the 95 mm size is used as a bridge pickup. To check what size pickup you need, measure an existing pickup cover (or your pickup cavity on the body) lengthwise, excluding the mounting ears. You should get roughly 92 mm or 95 mm.

If you are still unsure or want a more precise check, please print out this drawing of our neck and bridge covers. Use the 2.00 inch line at the top of the page to make sure the drawing printed at the proper scale. Then you can double check dimensions using a ruler or caliper. You can also cut the covers out and place them in your pickup cavities.

4-String Precision Bass

Our precision bass pickups will drop into most Fender-like basses. You can double check if our pickups will fit by comparing your existing covers or pickup cavity with this drawing.