Bourns 250k Solid Shaft No-Load Tone Potentiometer




  1. Scratchy knobs driving you nuts? Or working on your latest build and need trustworthy electronics? Grab some Bourns potentiometers and your guitar or bass will thank you.

This potentiometer features a no-load detent when turned fully to one end, meaning the potentiometer removes itself and your tone capacitor from the circuit, allowing the raw output of your pickups to pass right through to your amplifier. When not turned fully to one end, it operates just like a normal tone potentiometer.

Not recommended for use as a volume potentiometer.


  • Shaft diameter: 0.25 inches
  • Shaft type: solid
  • Resistance: 250k ohm, 20% tolerance, linear taper (for tone knobs) with no-load detent
  • Accessories: includes washer and nut for installation


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